On being cold

by unsized

My first northern Europe winter was fun, at least kind of. It was really just half of the longest winter of my life, from January to May. There was snow everywhere and a lot of coats and scarfs going on. I felt I was pushing my own limits and that felt good. Coming from Portugal, it was really a challenge, usually my winter at home is what here in Germany would be called a pretty ok autumn and it all lasts for around 3 months, when everyone complains about the 10. degrees, the short days, the white skin and missing our flip-flops a whole too much.

But this year the fun is gone. No, really. I do understand winter hasn’t even started, but what we are experiencing here now is what my mom would call the “polar cold” wave. Add that to the rumors of another very dark and long winter like last year and we’re talking about 6 to 8 months of cold, rain and snow. Crap, I miss home.

Not all is bad, though. My winter wish list is already in the making. I reckon it will be quite a long one, so expect some posts about this – and about my day dreaming about summer.

Today I’ll start with some essentials:

Modström’s Unit winter coat / UGG Korynne rain boots  / Zara’s poncho sweater  / UGG Caraby boots

What are your top choices to warm up this winter?